• Self Development

    How to develop CONSISTENT habits

    What does it mean to be consistent? I’ve been searching high and low to find a suitable definition to insert in this post but I failed miserably. Therefore, I have settled on this; being consistent means to repeatedly take an action that eventually becomes a habit or a routine. Being consistent in our everyday lives can seem daunting. We tend to lose interest, the task becomes mundane, or we think that we aren’t making any progress and so opt to stop altogether. However, consistency is imperative to remaining discipline and to see development in whatever area of your life you are are working on. While doing research and evaluating my…

  • Self Development

    Organize your to-do list like a pro in 4 easy steps

    Ever had a running to do list that seemed to go on forever and ever and you keep adding more to it? Well I have. I don't recommend that you practice doing that though. What that does, most times, is to trigger your anxiety and leave you in a state of feeling overwhelmed. When you are feeling overwhelmed it's pretty hard to want to be productive and knock of the tasks on your list. So, how can you change that? Today I will be sharing with you some practical tips on how you can organize and execute your to do list like a pro.

  • Motivation & Encouragement

    Healthy Eats

    I often catch myself dancing randomly and most times it’s because I’m eating. I LOVE food! I’m sure you guys can relate.  Eating healthier is a goal that majority of us set for ourselves but struggle to accomplish. I was the type of person to read health blogs, search for healthy meal ideas on Instagram, Pinterest, etc., and subscribe to many vegan youtubers for inspiration. I was a hearer but not a doer. I finally acted. I went on a 21-day diet that consisted of only plant based foods with no added sugar. Let me just say, BEST DECISION EVER! I lost a few pounds and I also got really…

  • Motivation & Encouragement

    How to Manage your Money

    Money, money, money, moneey, MONEY! I enjoy having the money to get the things that I need and to pay the bills, don’t you? A lot of the time we find that we aren’t effective in getting much done with our money. Why? What do you spend on often? Collect all receipts for a week to a month and evaluate how much you spend on average on different items. It is not necessarily because you don’t have enough but rather the way you manage it. In today’s blog post I am going to share a few tips on how to manage your money. Also, at the end of this blog…

  • Motivation & Encouragement

    How to have an effective workout

    In this blog post I am going to address the do’s and don’ts of working out. Being physically active plays a vital role in our health. It helps to prevent and alleviate certain chronic illnesses such as arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes. Working out also keeps your energy level up, boosts your endurance, and gives you a fit and healthy looking body. In order to have an effective workout, you need to do a few things. I took the liberty of grouping them into seven main steps to give you a better understanding of how to have an effective workout. Step #1: Set goals. Have a goal for your workout…

  • Motivation & Encouragement

    Stay Hydrated

    In my previous blog post on how to have a productive day, I mentioned drinking water as one of my top ten tips. Drinking water is super important. After all, our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water. We lose water so easily and so it is essential to put it back. Our bodies lose water when we sweat, cry, secrete mucus, pee, poop, eat, even breathe. Yes, breathe. So you see, it is crucial for our health to drink water because our bodies use it to carry out many major and daily functions. I know, I know, “drinking water is boring” or “it has no taste/flavor”. This blog post…


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