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    How to develop CONSISTENT habits

    What does it mean to be consistent? I’ve been searching high and low to find a suitable definition to insert in this post but I failed miserably. Therefore, I have settled on this; being consistent means to repeatedly take an action that eventually becomes a habit or a routine. Being consistent in our everyday lives can seem daunting. We tend to lose interest, the task becomes mundane, or we think that we aren’t making any progress and so opt to stop altogether. However, consistency is imperative to remaining discipline and to see development in whatever area of your life you are are working on. While doing research and evaluating my…

  • Self Development

    Organize your to-do list like a pro in 4 easy steps

    Ever had a running to do list that seemed to go on forever and ever and you keep adding more to it? Well I have. I don't recommend that you practice doing that though. What that does, most times, is to trigger your anxiety and leave you in a state of feeling overwhelmed. When you are feeling overwhelmed it's pretty hard to want to be productive and knock of the tasks on your list. So, how can you change that? Today I will be sharing with you some practical tips on how you can organize and execute your to do list like a pro.

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    Why you need a vision board and how to use it

      Vision is the art of seeing (and feeling) what is impossible to others. – Jonathan Swift.     How to create a vision board First and foremost, what is a vision board? A vision board is an arrangement of images that represents the person you’d like to be, the things you’d like to do and accomplish in life. It is, essentially, a visual representation of your life goals. You can get all crafty and make a physical vision board with magazine cut outs and printed pictures or you may choose to create a Pinterest board and pin images specific to your vision of your future.     Why create…

  • Self Development

    How to set realistic goals

    As humans, we have a desire to feel fulfilled and happy. These urges and convictions are natural to have and should be your indicator to do something different. One way to start acting is to set goals for your life. Setting goals start with having a vision. Your vision is where you see yourself in the future, whether it be in the near or distant future. When you have a vision for your life, it helps you to set intentions and create specific goals. Now, you can have short term and long-term goals and further categorize those into goals for your business, finances, career, spirituality, etc. Here are some questions…

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    How to Implement New Habits

    A lot of us set new year resolutions for ourselves to get rid of the old and in with the new. We set goals of different variations. We have dreams as numerous as the stars and the potential of an archers bow string to launch them into existence. There is one thing, however, that is required to reach these results we desire. We need to form good habits. Habits are these tasks that we implement and perform CONSISTENTLY. This is crucial because without consistency these habits will fail to develop and when we do not live up to our full potential we feel weary, down and out, and sometimes give…

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    A Tropical Tide

    I am a force to be reckoned with. Born on the 11th day of February to a single mom in the island of Jamaica, was and is the magnificent Tia Thompson. I know little about my island and that is because I moved to another island, the island of Antigua. It is known as the land of sun, sea, and sand. A beautiful place indeed. I love the islands. As an Aquarian, I am known to be a bearer. I bore the sadness and depression of my family and friends. I bore the struggle of not speaking up. I bore the burden of being a ‘yes’ woman. I bore the…


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