About Me

Hi, I’m Tia, and welcome to Tropical tide! I am a soul that is passionate about motivating and inspiring all those who I make contact with, directly or indirectly, to chase their God given purpose.

I encounter quite a few individuals on a weekly basis that have so many dreams, ideas, and pent up potential longing to be unleashed. I get so fired up, in a good way, and literally have to resist the urge to jump on them from all the excitement and passion that unfolds within me. My insides do a little happy dance and I go from zero to one hundred real quick. It fills me with joy to hear about all these wonderful ideas and dreams of others. My first instinct is to hold their hand and dive into all the research and planning nececessary to get them started and to hold them accountable to take action.

Then it occurred to me that there are others out there that might not have a friend, like myself, to encourage them to live their best life, essentially, and go after their dreams. And thus, Tropical Tide was born.

This blog is dedicated to providing uplifting content and tools to help such persons take action and live their best life now.

I am here to inspire all whom I encounter via this blog. Think of Tropical Tide as your personal cup of coffee to get you started and your dose of  motivation to keep you going. Happy Reading 🙂