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What it’s like being a Christian Entrepreneur

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In today’s post we are going to search the minds of a few Christian business owners. Being a Christian who is also in business means that we do business differently from the world at large. The work we do does not depict how we operate in business but who we are in Christ does. With that being said, let us have a look at how these entrepreneurs do business as a result of their faith in Christ.


Lisa Cowan from The Design Orator had this to say on the subject matter.

Customer Service is Kindness: This is #1 for me. The service I offer from the 1st call or meeting must be a good first impression that endures right throughout the relationship. I believe that the core of customer service is kindness. I have found that kindness will move a person to make a decision, whether it is confirming a job estimate, or simply getting back to you even if they are not confirming a job. Building bridges and having the wisdom to maintain them will prove fruitful in the end. 

Keeping my oath, even when it hurts. In business, if I agree to do something and find that it was not the best decision later down the road (once it is not an ungodly decision), that promise/agreement/oath must be followed through on.

Being upfront & honest. I had to face the fact that there are some requests that will be made of me, that I will have to be prepared to turn down, whether they be against my Christian values, or something that may be potentially lucrative but is simply not something I am equipped to do.

Wise as serpents, gentle as doves. Especially in the business realm, I must be alert and sober-minded because this is not an area that is exempt from the devil to use as a possible way to destroy my testimony, or my business. He will strategize using the lure of people, power and money. The Lord says that we should be wise as serpents, and gentle as doves. Know when & how to act. That discernment comes with sticking closely to The Lord.

Vengeance is The Lord’s to repay, not mine. If a customer chooses to be disingenuous, and I have tried to resolve whatever the matter is, I leave it alone even if it is to my demise, knowing that God is the One who will vindicate me. 


The owner of Nai Cuisine Catering, Sasha-Gay Wright, had this to contribute to the conversation.

I ensure that all my interactions with my clients are Godly. I practice honesty. I don’t try to overcharge even though I know the person can afford to pay. I always aim to use the best quality produce at an affordable rate.


This is what Owner and CEO of Shop Scarletblue, Hu-Ann Rhoden, had to say on the matter.

Prayer is a must. It is important to pray for the growth of the business, of course, but I also pray for the integrity of the business to be maintained. It is a desire of mine to have no scandal following it.

Tithing. Giving back to God a portion of what He has blessed me with is a must.

Customer service: I believe it is imperative to be kind, compassionate and loving and I practice that in every transaction I do within my business.

Closed on Sunday’s. This is the day I worship at church. The product offering in my business is fully based on my walk with the Lord. Therefore, my walk with the Lord needs to be my first priority.

Marketing. I make a deliberate effort to ensure that my advertisements do not have a sexual appeal but rather promotes fearlessness and faith in God.

Working heartily as unto the Lord. I operate in such a way that when I am not motivated to get work done, money is not my motivation factor. Rather, I recall what the Word of God says, to work as unto Him, and take action accordingly.

These three female, Christian entrepreneurs really hit the nail on the head. The truth is, there is much more that can be said on the subject matter but what can be concluded is this, as a child of God, business is not done as usual. We operate in a manner that pleases God first and ultimately gives Him all the honor and glory.

Quick round up: Christian entrepreneurs ought to:

  • practice self control
  • be self disciplined
  • be good stewards
  • be honest
  • be kind
  • work heartily as unto the Lord

And that is all for today’s blog. I hope you found value in it. What is your biggest take away? Let us know in the comment section below.

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