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My Quarantine Goals

Hello my beautiful people!

Some strange times we are in, am I right? The world is being tossed and swayed by the notorious covid-19, a.k.a Rona. I do hope that you are staying safe and are adhering to the guidelines of the respective authorities and that you are practicing good hygiene.

There are many things going south right now. People are losing their loved ones, others are battling it out with the virus, the health care system is taking a hit and we are not too sure what is to come.

In all of this though, there are things to be grateful for. For starters, if you or any of your loved ones don’t have the virus then thank God! If you still have a job or are able to work from home then that is wonderful and something you should be grateful for. Another thing to be thankful for is the free time that we have been blessed with. There are many of us that want to work on different projects or implement different practices in our lives but never do. We use the excuse that we don’t have enough time, that we have more pressing things to attend to and the little free time that we do get we need it to rest.

Now that you have a little bit of extra time because you don’t have to commute as much (if you aren’t an essential worker and actually have to go out on a daily basis) what are you doing with the freed up time?

Most of us started the year with some sure fire goals. More than likely, there are a few things that you haven’t gotten around to starting or remained consistent with. Even if you did not write a list of goals at the beginning of the year, you can make one now. Because why not?

I picked a few goals that I could really start working on and habits that I can implement into my routine more consistently. Today I am sharing my quarantine goals with you and I hope it inspires you to set some for yourself.

You don’t have to go all crazy with it. Keep it very simple and realistic bearing in mind that we are in quarantine. And without further ado, here are my quarantine goals.

Quarantine Goal #1: Workout more

I stopped attending the gym a little before the end of 2019 and started doing at home workouts to save some coins. However, your girl has not been as consistent. I definitely can’t go to gym presently but I can get back on those at home workouts. Exercise is always a good practice to incorporate in your everyday life and now that I have some extra time I am going to get back into the groove of things.

Quarantine Goal #2: Work on hobbies

We all have something that interests us, something that makes us happy and relaxes us. For me that is the guitar. It is not easy learning an instrument I must admit, especially when your only experience is playing the flute in first form (7th grade). The guitar was my instrument of choice a few years ago. I got me a second hand guitar, fixed it up and started playing. But of course, very inconsistently. and that is why it is on the quarantine goals list. What hobby can you work on in this time?

Quarantine Goal #3: Read more

This has been a goal of mine ever since I heard my first Les Brown speech and embarked on the world of personal development. I was fascinated with the art of learning and how the world of knowledge is endless! I, of course, was not an average reader but really wanted to become one. I would have great streaks of reading many books and then seasons of no reading at all. Reading is an amazing pass time that actually develops your mind by the knowledge you expose yourself to. Therefore, in my quarantine days, I am going to read as much as possible.

Quarantine Goal #4: Produce more content

I am a content creator. I enjoy creating content and in the different art forms there are. However, apart from not having enough time or not being inspired to do creative things, it does get overwhelming when you create content on so many platforms. And that is all on me, of course. But I love what I do and I want to remain consistent. And so, I am making it my goal to produce more content for you guys. So do tell me, what else you would like me to blog about? Remember, I create motivational content on productivity, faith and lifestyle.

Quarantine Goal #5: Catch up on work

Yes, I am still a student. This is my last semester of university and I must confess, I cannot wait to walk out of that final exam room (if we take exams in person because who knows). I have been procrastinating and was up to my neck in work (as usual). And then there came Rona, interrupting it all. I must admit that I am kind of happy for the time off from school but I have not been using it wisely at all. Now that I have a bit more time to submit my assignments, I am going to get on them and even start preparing for finals. I have no excuse now. Are you still in school? Do you work and go to school and how do you balance the two and stay on top of assignments?

Quarantine Goal #6: Have more quiet time

You can never spend too much time with Jesus. I love having my Jesus time in the mornings but I struggle to wake up at an early enough time that would allow me to spend the quality time I desire with the Lord. Now that Rona has stepped on the scene, I don’t have to rush in the mornings and can spend as much time as I’d like doing devotions. I would love to capitalize more on this and have quiet time scattered throughout my days.

But that is all I have for you guys today. Do share in the comments some goals that you are going to work on during your time of quarantine. Share this post with someone who could use the inspiration to make their own list of goals as well.

Stay safe all and have blessed day.

– Tia

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