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Overcome the FEAR of failure with these four simple tips!

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 


Welcome loves! I’m here to encourage you not to let the fear of failure hover over your head, leaving you in a gloomy state, and not wanting to take action. Allow me to share with you four simple tips on how to overcome this fear and take action! Let us jump right in.


Count the cost

28 “Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? 29 For if you lay the foundation and are not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule you, 30 saying, ‘This person began to build and wasn’t able to finish.’ Luke 14:28-30


Before you start any new venture, you need to count the cost. Simply put, you need to do your research and make a plan. The success lies in the beginning stage of your venture. It is embedded in the plan. And the plan may not be perfect, and life will definitely happen. But, having some idea is significantly better than having no idea of what you’re up against. 


Imagine what you are afraid of and then move on

It is so easy to be afraid of what we think might happen to us or what people will think of us if we aren’t initially successful with a project or a venture. However, a mindful exercise that I practice in times like these is to picture the worst possible outcome. For this outcome, I would ask myself if I died, and if I didn’t then I’d move on to coming up with a contingency plan. Doing this helps to eliminate the crippling effect of fear and allows me to better take action.


Get educated 

You need to do your research. And this research is a little bit more in depth than counting the cost. In this, you are learning the ins and outs of the project and how you can successfully complete the project. A lot of the times we are fearful because we lack sufficient knowledge about the thing that we would like to do. In this case you should spend some time researching and expanding your knowledge to better have an understanding of what the project entails and you are more equipped to make better decisions.


Get an accountability partner 

Having an accountability partner is an amazing thing because you can break up your project into bite sizes, set some realistic goals and ask your partner to hold you accountable. If you feel fear at any step of the journey, and you become hesitant, that accountability partner will remind you of what you committed to and hopefully encourage you to push through. Because the fact of the matter is, you feel uncomfortable with the goals that you have set for yourself because they are unfamiliar to you. New territory is always scary. 


Bonus! Remember your ‘WHY’

At times, you may have to pause and do a bit of reflection as to why you wanted to embark on this new journey, venture, or project in the first place. Your ‘why’ helps to give you a sense of purpose and motivates you to push through in spite of the fear you may feel. Do you know how to discover your ‘why’? Check out this post right here for a step by step exercise you can complete in minutes to gain clarity on your ‘why’. Plus there is a freebie attached to this post so feel free to download it and use it along with the exercise.

Push through that crippling state of fear. After considering all that was mentioned above, and of course praying and asking for guidance from your Heavenly Father, take action and overcome your fears. 

God Bless lovelies.

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