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The importance of planning: 5 reasons why you need to start planning today!

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Getting into the habit of planning is one of the best things you can do to remain focus and efficient. In today’s post, I am sharing with you 5 reasons why it is IMPORTANT to plan. Let’s dive right in.

Reason #1: Planning gives you direction.

When you plan in advance, it helps to keep you on course. You can clearly define your goals and objectives that you have for the particular project or task. This results in you gaining more clarity as to what you’re actually planning to accomplish and the steps you need to take to get there. Ultimately you will better manage your progress. When you know the direction you are heading in, you are more inclined to make decisions to get you to your desired outcome and not freestyle so much. Essentially the decisions will start making themselves for you and all you need to do is to take action. 

Reason #2: Planning keeps you organised. 

Planning overall is an avenue for you to stay on top of things in an organised manner. You are less likely to be scrambling for information or resources that are necessary for the progression of  your project or whatever you are working on at the time. Doing some planning before hand adds some coordination to your life and helps to keep you more balanced and on top of things. It also discourages periods of slump and being unproductive. 

Reason #3: Planning motivates you to take action.

When you know exactly where you want to go and you are all organised you will more than likely take action because the not so fun part is out of the way, (but if you are like me, you enjoy the planning process just as much as executing the plan 🙂 ) Let’s just take a look at the opposite for a minute; you have a project you want to tackle but you haven’t done any planning prior to the moment. You want to take action but you don’t have a clear picture of how you are going to get from the idea conception to making it a reality. What you do have are some vague steps and ideas running around in your mind. Just the thought of the work you’d have to put in to make the best use of your time is enough to demotivate you from taking deliberate action and so you decide to skip out until you’ve fully fleshed out your idea and done some planning. Can you tell that I am talking from experience? 🙂

The Importance Of Planning

Reason #4: Planning reduces risks. 

When you are simply winging it and making decisions off the whim, it can either be a hit or miss. With planning comes proper risk management because you become more aware of potential problems that may arise and are therefore better prepared for them. Either way, you will come out with a lesson, no doubt. But the major risk you are taking with not planning is a risk of wasting valuable time, whether it be yours or someone else’s. 

Reason #5: Planning increase your efficiency; you make better use of your resources.

Again, we can definitely see proper time management being a result of effective planning. And with time being one of your greatest assets here on earth, you’d do good to manage this non renewable resource. And if you have others on your team that you can delegate tasks to, then by all means delegate away. At the end of it all, you are putting yourself at an advantage and you can produce an even higher quality of work. 

Without a plan, things can go south quickly. Flesh out your ideas or projects and make a plan that will aid in you effectively accomplishing the desired outcome.

That is all for today’s post lovelies. I’ll see you in the next one.

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God bless.

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