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Review: Leaving your Mom Legacy

Hello Lovelies!

Today I will be doing a review on the devotional entitled ‘Leaving your mom legacy’ by Kristina Gorr.  This 30 day devotional is primarily for moms and even though I am not a mom, it still sparked my interest and I was able to relate, in some instances, to what Kristina talks about in this book.





For starters, I was once a child and was on the receiving end of being “mommied” and I can pinpoint instances where my mother has been through some of the scenarios that were mentioned. I also grew up in an extended household for majority of my life and so I am accustomed to having many little cousins around me. I happen to also be a very experienced babysitter, basically a “live-out” nanny. While it is not the same as giving birth to my own child, I considered my little cousins and the children I babysat to be my very own.


leaving your mom legacy


Being a babysitter was awesome, and best perk about the job is that I could return the children at the end of my shift. But during the time frame that I was solely responsible for them as their acting guardian, I have experienced a few of the things that mothers deal with on a daily basis. It isn’t easy being a babysitter much less a mom. And a lot of the times we as babysitters, moms, or nannies feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities of taking care of them and ensuring that they stay alive, let’s be honest here.


What to expect


In this devotional, Kristina lays down some practical ways in which you can develop your mom legacy to leave behind for your children and the generations to come. She also shares practical examples in which you can relate to. It’s not an easy road and you are not perfect, but guess what, you don’t have to do it alone.


I would highly recommend this devotional for any mother, whether it be step, biological, grand, or even great grand. It’s a great read and it is deeply rooted in the Word of God. This is an honest review. I am not being compensated for this.  It was really a joy reading this book and it has given me a lot of practical ways to leave my very own mom legacy when the time comes.


I hope you go check it out and if you do, please let me know how it was for you. Have a great day lovelies. 🙂




leaving your mom legacy


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