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4 SURE ways to get motivated

Let’s face it, we all need a pep talk, a gentle reminder, inspiration, a dose of enthusiasm, and the list continues. Whatever you would like to call it, we need that motivation baby. Here’s the thing, where will you get it from right when you need it? What if that bright spark of a friend isn’t around or you cannot get through to them for whatever reason? Have no fear, for Tropical Tide is here. I’m kidding, but no, I’m serious. I’m here to remind you that you have to be your own motivator at times. How? Why, I’m glad you asked. Today I’ll be sharing with you four sure ways of motivating oneself out of any period of unproductivity.

1. Motivational videos

These bad boys always get me pumped. It’s like having your personal team of life coaches revving you up to shoot for the stars. Here are a few motivational videos that always did the trick for me:

2. Books

This is a no brainer. If you read the right type of books, they can get you up and running. They act the same way as motivational videos only that it really sinks in as you take the time to read each word (that is if you actually read it instead of listening to the audio version). These inspirational books usually give insight into how highly successful individuals achieved great success (and by reading in the first place that puts you on the right path). Knowing that someone overcame certain obstacles before gives me the motivation to take charge, as it should you, because the obstacles will come, but they won’t last forever.

3. Affirmations

If you do not know what an affirmation is, think of it as a positive declaration that you make for yourself. Having affirmations gives you a sense of hope and belief in yourself and the events to come. A few personal affirmations of mine are:

  • “I can do ALL things THROUGH CHRIST who strengthens me.”
  • “I have the choice to be happy.”
  • “Today is going to be a great day.”

Now my reasons for repeating these affirmations will be different from yours with regards to circumstances, but that does not change that the end results desired are the same. For instance, a great day for someone might be receiving a compliment that boosted their self-esteem while for someone else it might be having three meals for the day. Whatever the affirmation means to you, believe it.

4. Your ‘Why’

I cannot stress this enough guys! Your why is a POWERFUL tool. Use it. Knowing why you do something will not only help you to push through when it is difficult but it will also help to guide you along your life purpose which is something everyone should be pursuing. For a helpful exercise in discovering your why, check out this blog post on how to find your ‘Why’.


These are four strategies that I use several times a day sometimes to keep my head clear and focused. What are some of the strategies you use to motivate yourself?

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