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Has time ever stopped for you? It certainly has not for me. Yet, we sit around as if it does while it passes us by. Time waits for no one so why wait on time? By this I am referring to waiting on the right moment. It is never, majority of the time, the right moment. Procrastination rarely works out in our favor. In fact, it makes us more aware of the time that is passing by. Don’t make it a habit to put off today’s work for tomorrow. Tomorrow will come bearing it’s own challenges and task load.  When your work load piles up, you tend to find a million and one things to do to avoid what you need to do and thus falling down a spiral that leads to anxiety and frustration.

“I enjoy having a heavy workload”, said no one ever. Make your life easier by tackling the day head on with the aim of completing all that you have set out to complete that day. You will feel incredibly lighter when you get today’s work done today.

One way of organizing your day is by having a daily to do list and arranging it in order of priority. I saw this tip once and it really helped me to be more productive. The tip is as simple as this: only write the six “must do’s” for the day.

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These six things can further be categorized by priority. Aim to accomplish them before the day ends but if not, whatever doesn’t get done, you add it to the list for the next day. You’re still working with six items even though you bring forward the ones from the previous day.

Another tip is to work on one task until it is done. Multitasking is a misconception that will only keep you busy being busy. Let’s maintain that productive attitude for 2018 and be those individuals we aspire to be.


Manage your God given time lovelies.


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