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A letter of reflection

Dear Me of 2017,

What a year!

I am so proud of you girly. You’ve come a long way. I’ve seen where you struggled and where you persevered. It’s been a bumpy ride, a journey to remember. Let’s start with January. You started the new year in the wrong atmosphere and with the wrong mindset. It’s okay, you were trying to find yourself. You went to school almost every single day not of a sound mind, just helping to fill a lecture theatre. February rolled around and you hit the 22 year milestone, marking the start of your 23rd year of life. You finally excluded the negative people out of your life. Good for you.

Up came March and what a party it was. The carnival was lit but you knew then that the party scene was not where you belonged. It was time for finals when April drew to an end. You had a dream. One main goal which required you to buckle down. You knew you couldn’t do it on your own so you did what you thought was best and turned to God. You got encouraged by two wonderful souls God has blessed you with and started to read the Bible, beginning your quest for God’s heart.

May strolled by and you started going to church. Then June did as well, commencing your voluntary hours at the hospitals. Joyful days they were. You even moved into your own apartment. Grades came out and boy did you rejoice. You, with God by your side, managed to pull it off with all passes. However, you knew the gpa needed improvement and thus the enrolment in summer school. July was spent learning and reviewing for the upcoming final. You passed! Didn’t do much for your gpa but you tried. You also did your program interview and it left you in ruins. August entailed taking an initiative and creating a portfolio expressing your desire to be enrolled in the program. You also did an internship which put some extra cash in your pocket. The highlight of August, however, was the Daniel fast which built a lot of discipline and creativity in you. You quit bad habits and decided to take God seriously.

September approached with a no from the program of your dreams but the opportunity to still pursue another degree. You took communion for the first time at your new church. Progress was being made. October was a bit of a downer because you kept looking at closed doors rather than focusing on what was in front of you. You didn’t like reality at the time and felt very confused and torn. November was a tad bit better. Effort was made to get back to girl boss mode but the effort was a dim spark that didn’t last that long.

December finally arrived. The month presented a few tests and a few lessons. You did your exams and you aren’t too sure how to deal but you know the God you serve. You did your cleanse and you came home to visit your family. You met up with old friends that you haven’t seen in a while and made new memories.

It’s now 2018 and you’re thinking ” did I waste 2017?” No, you didn’t. You learnt a lot. You learnt that anything is possible once you believe in God. You drew closer to God. You desire to get to know Him more. You appreciate the little things. You count your blessings now. You are learning to be more gentle, patient and trusting. You worry less and encourage more. Your ambition sparks tremendous creativity which brings you great joy. You have received peace and your finances are forever overflowing. You are a blessed child who is highly favoured and wonderfully made. You have claimed your space in God’s kingdom in 2017. Please continue to seek God and grow even more beautifully in 2018.

Love always,
Me of 2018

However your 2017 turned out, make 2018 better. Happy new year to one and all. God bless.

-Tropical Tide


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