Motivation & Encouragement

The Comeback

Pow! The Tropical Tide is back. Being a girl boss in school can get so overwhelming. One thing I’ve learnt is that despite what you might be going through, the world continues whether you show up or not. In that case, I choose to make my contribution now when I have the energy and strength to do so. Being under the weather, experiencing writer’s block, and having the world of assignments and exams (still ongoing) can really demotivate a woman. Even if that woman thrives off of being an encourager and motivator, sometimes she herself needs a little motivation. God is good nonetheless.

How does one conquer these tides of unproductivity and stagnation? When you find out, please to hit a girl up. To be honest, it takes force. Thought I would have said time huh. No, it takes force. You must want to be better more than how sorry you might be feeling for yourself. You don’t want to work out, go work out. You don’t want to blog, go blog (what I’m doing right now). You don’t want to start that paper that is due in a few days, start it now. Just do it, according to Nike. It is easier said than done, trust and believe, but I cannot stress how important it is to fight through it. What I think is very special about humans is the mind. The mind, in my opinion, is very powerful. Whatever you fill your mind with will attempt to program your way of thinking until your actions comply. You must take control of your mind. The enemy deceives you first in the mind. You aren’t feeling well, go workout tomorrow. You aren’t a great writer anyways so a few weeks of not writing won’t hurt. Wrong! You are what you believe. If you believe good things about yourself then you will become those good things, once you line up your actions accordingly of course. And the actions usually follow automatically.

Life is not easy, there are so many risks. It is so risky that you won’t make it out alive. Be the best version of yourself today. Today is all you have, and if you are blessed to have another today, then be the best version of yourself on that today. Make the day count, always. Share your gifts and knowledge. Don’t take them to the grave with you. Take a chance and see how tremendously your life will change. When life knocks you down, no matter the impact of the blow, get up and keep swinging.

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