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Don’t be hasty

In everyday life, we make rash decisions that we soon come to regret. Now regret comes in many different forms and how it comes depends on the lesson you want to take from the situation. Saying unkind words to someone, hurting someone physically and intentionally, losing your virginity, or even getting married are decisions that many people make irrationally. You can’t take it back, point blank. The nasty words have already been spoken, the battery has been inflicted, you are no longer a virgin and you walked down the aisle and said, “I do”. You might think, apologizing, providing the person with medical care, becoming celibate, and getting a divorce, respectively, are easy fixes. But they are merely the consequences that we did not take time to sit down and consider.

A lot of us make hasty decisions and end up regretting it when we are faced with the aftermath. The word this Sunday was ‘In your anger, remember tomorrow is coming’. Many of us forget about the tomorrow, we forget about the consequences. I love muffins, but I’m not supposed to consume dairy nor have gluten in such a large quantity. But every time I come across it in the grocery store, I only remember how good they taste and picture an evening cuddled up, watching a movie and snacking on my muffin. Before the movie even ends, I get smacked down with a tummy ache that is bearable (because I have gotten used to it) but nonetheless uncomfortable. And that’s when we realise the price we must pay for the hasty decisions, when we are left in an uncomfortable situation. My word of advice to you today is to take time out and weigh the pros and cons of a possible decision. Don’t let friends or loved ones influence you to make impulsive decisions that can alter your future in such a way that may cause you to have regrets. I learnt a new quote on Sunday as well and it says, ‘today the option belongs to you but tomorrow the consequences are compulsory.’

At times, we let our emotions decide for us, which was the case with me and the muffin. We must learn to feel the emotions but not let it be the controlling authority in our decision making. Don’t be hasty in making decisions, especially life changing ones. The repercussions that follow won’t be as kind to pardon you for your impetuous choices.

Love and peace,

Tropical Tide

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