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The Wait

Waiting… It seems like it lasts forever doesn’t it? Truth is, we are constantly in a season of waiting. Some are waiting for a college acceptance, a new job, a spouse, a new car, new home, a blessing, a breakthrough, whatever the case may be. We are constantly waiting. And it can get frustrating, let me tell you. It is so annoying and aggravating not knowing what is coming next. I’m a type of person that likes to get things done and out of the way. I don’t like waiting on results. During your wait, it seems like everything and everybody is against you. Like why?! Obstacles appear every other day. Enemies pop up out of the dark skies demanding your attention and don’t leave without a fight. All you want to do is continue along your boring but necessary journey of wait with little to no interruptions. It is already overwhelming not knowing what the actual outcome of the wait is, at times, but to add on top of it you must square up? Oh no, I need a break. When is this breakthrough due again? But look at it from this point of view, you’re building your faith. If I am waiting on something and I’m going through hell and high waters without giving up, I must believe that I am going to get what I am waiting for. The truth is we acquire so much during the wait. The wait builds our strength and endurance. It builds our perseverance. Our understanding expands. But most of all, the wait grows our patience. Even though you may feel weary and defeated at times during your season of wait, commit to it. Don’t give in to the negativity. Throw every punch, block and tackle until you’ve got none left. Trust and believe that the wait won’t be peachy but it will be totally worth it. The wait is beautiful.

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