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I am a bit despaired. I am travelling this road to success, hungry and tired, passionate yet discouraged, filled with hope yet I worry. The success is so close I can taste it. Mm, the sweet taste of victory. I wonder what it will feel like. What if I never find out? What if I don’t achieve success?

The thing we need to understand is that success isn’t a destination point but rather the process taken to achieve one’s goal. The road called success is a narrow and lonely road. On that road, you’ll find hidden pot holes of distress, dark nights of pain and rainy days of moping. You might stumble upon some road blocks called failure but don’t let that prevent you from carrying on. For failure means that you have tried. Failure gives you life lessons and a greater appreciation for the accomplishments in your life. But the morning will come to bring you sunshine and laughter, a spirit to restore your hope.

Have confidence in all you do. No matter what the circumstance, keep the faith knowing that the Lord will see you through. Be BOLD in the pursuit of your destiny.

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