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How to develop CONSISTENT habits

What does it mean to be consistent? I’ve been searching high and low to find a suitable definition to insert in this post but I failed miserably. Therefore, I have settled on this; being consistent means to repeatedly take an action that eventually becomes a habit or a routine.

Being consistent in our everyday lives can seem daunting. We tend to lose interest, the task becomes mundane, or we think that we aren’t making any progress and so opt to stop altogether. However, consistency is imperative to remaining discipline and to see development in whatever area of your life you are are working on.

While doing research and evaluating my own moments of inconsistency, I was able to compile a list of common reasons why people aren’t consistent:

  • They procrastinate.
  • They major in minor tasks.
  • They do other things that aren’t necessarily goals but still needs to be done.
  • They feel insecure about their goals and have a tendency to quit.
  • They waste time scrolling on social media and browsing the internet.
  • They overthink things and become consumed by fear.

While it may seem difficult it is not impossible to remain consistent. Here are a few ways in which you can develop consistent habits.

Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.

– 1 Corinthians 15:58 ESV

How to develop CONSISTENT habits:

Start small.

When you are incorporating any habit into your daily routine, start with something simple. Choose one minor task like eating breakfast daily or tying down your hair at night and work on it until it comes engraved into your routine.

Remove any distractions that may hinder you.

Anything that will fight for your attention while trying to work on a particular task has to go. If it cannot be removed then you need to remove yourself from the distraction. For example, if you desire to read daily, I suggest you not read in bed or even in front of the television. You may even try putting the TV remote in a different room from the one you choose to sit and have your read. Get creative with it.

Don’t think so much on the results but rather the lifestyle.

You are creating the lifestyle you desire by repeatedly doing your positive life changing habits. Imagine the person you’d like to be and how consistently implementing your habits will help in molding you into that man or woman.

View your habits in a positive light.

It is easy to think of your habits as monotonous tasks, like choirs that you try to evade until it’s detrimental. Like doing your laundry because you are out of underwear….. I kid 🙂 But you get where I am going with this. Rather than thinking about your habits in such a negative way, think of them as your stepping stones to becoming the best version of yourself.

Track your progress and evaluate your life with the inclusion of these new habits.

Sometimes all we need is a little motivational boost to encourage us that it is not all in vein. Look back at your accomplishments from time to time in light of your newly implemented habits and reflect on the progress you’ve made. That should surely encourage you to remain consistent with those habits of yours.

Develop a routine.

While routines can become mundane, they do help to put you in autopilot. And, you can always find ways to spice things up by all means. But routines help you to think less, feel more at ease, and anchors you into the lifestyle you desire. Routines and habits are key to becoming consistent in general.

Get an accountability partner.

Don’t run from it. A lot of us dislike answering to others but the truth is, we don’t like failure. Therefore, the thought of having to tell someone that you didn’t do what you said you were going to do should act as a booster to take action. That way you can take one more step toward the person you’d like to be and not have to report a failure to your accountability partner.

Replace the bad habit with good ones.

If you used to eat and scroll on social media, but you desire to read more, then try listening to an audio book or reading a physical book during meals instead. Just swap out the old with the new.

Remember your why.

Pondering all the reasons and benefits of consistently performing your habits will assist in you sticking to your habits and not throw in the towel. Write your reason why you implement the habits in your life and review it from time to time. Do it for the future you.

Put environmental cues in place.

Make your space conducive for your new habit. For instance, lay out your gym clothes from over night, prep your green smoothie ingredients, put your Bible in plain sight etc. A little preparation goes a long way.

And guess what guys.... there are so many other ways you can go about building your consistency muscle. But don’t keep them to yourself. I would love to hear how you implement new habits and remain consistent.

Have an awesome one lovelies! <3

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