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A Tropical Tide

I am a force to be reckoned with. Born on the 11th day of February to a single mom in the island of Jamaica, was and is the magnificent Tia Thompson. I know little about my island and that is because I moved to another island, the island of Antigua. It is known as the land of sun, sea, and sand. A beautiful place indeed. I love the islands. As an Aquarian, I am known to be a bearer. I bore the sadness and depression of my family and friends. I bore the struggle of not speaking up. I bore the burden of being a ‘yes’ woman. I bore the repercussions of my fear. I loved my family and friends but I disliked the inner man. For a major part of my teenage years I ignored myself, not because I was self-less, but because I could not stand to face myself in the mirror. My life was a joke, I thought. I went numb …eventually.

But then something happened. A whisper so soft if you took a breath you would miss it. It was the voice of the Lord. Do you want to know what he said? He said to me, “Tia, I love you just the way you are, but it hurts me to see you treat yourself this way. It kills me to know that I have instilled a purpose in you and you lock it away and turn your back on it. My heart aches to know that you aren’t unleashing all the splendours of my love that I have placed in you. You have so much potential, if you could only see what I see! I give you peace my child, peace of mind. Use your talents before you lose yourself. My daughter, I love you and I am always here with you. Nothing can separate you from my love. No worry nor fear can come between us. I am your Father. Now go and release unto the world your magnificent gift. Give love to all, but girl child, you need to give love to yourself.”

I am a Jamaican. I am an Antiguan. I am an islander. I am my Father’s child. I am an Aquarian and so I must bear. I have come to bear you good seeds. Seeds to be planted and nurtured. Seeds that will bear you good food. Food for the mind, food for the soul, food for the spirit. I will share my knowledge, only hoping it will have an impact for the better. I have been given a lot of love to share, a lot of motivation to dispense. Learn from my accomplishments and my life lessons.

I am a tropical tide. I will ride the waves of this life and dominate as I go along. I am not here to rule, no, but merely live in agreement with one and all. I run towards my goal, towards the high calling and greater purpose that I have yet to discover. With my mother, nature, and my father, God, I will embrace my calling and travel the road that leads to my destiny. I am a tropical tide, ready to uproot all the glories vested in me. I will connect the dots of this life from the seashore all the way to the horizon. I am a tropical tide; a force to be reckoned with.


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